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Hello World ! السلام عليكم

Mohammad Anini - محمد عنيني

Mohammad Anini | محمد عنيني

Carbon based, solar system dependent, limited in knowledge, prone to error and mortal!

قائمٌ على الكـربون، معتمدٌ على النّظـام الشّمـسي، محدودٌ في المعرفـة، عُرضَـةٌ للخطأ، وعـمـري محـدود!

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Open Source Projects

ArCaptcha | Arabic CAPTCHA
عركابتشا | كابتشا عربية

The first open source free PHP CAPTCHA script for generating complex images and CAPTCHA codes, in Arabic, to protect forms from spam and abuse. 2013


A simple customizable PHP open source web addresses (URLs) manager and router, suitable for simple websites. 2014


(Probably the only) Arabic open source Hangman game using Javascript and CSS only, it aims to introduce people with our prophet's (Mohammad ﷺ) companions. 2013


Maze Solving Robot and more! - Autonomous multi-task robot, built from scratch using Arduino microcontroller, it can solve any line maze without any prior knowledge and generate the shortest path. 2012

OALF-R 1.0
مل مل 1.0

Obstacle Avoider & Line Follower Robot. Built using Arduino microcontroller and some sensors. It can follow a line and avoid obstacles, and it can find its track back if it loses it. 2015

Amman Hackerspace Website
موقع فضاء المتمكنين - عمّان

An Arabic social network for electronics and robotics hackers and makers, engineering articles and discussions, questions and answers. 2013

Ojuba OS Website
موقع نظام التشغيل أعجوبة

A completely new website and design for the operating system Ojuba (a Linux Distibution), built using a customized version of DokuWiki. 2015

Maqola Website
موقع مقولة

An Arabic web content management system, the website contains old Islamic and Arabic entries, sayings, poems, jokes and stories. 2015


professional experience
managed and/or built
planned and/or organized

Professional Experience

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Regional Operations Data Management Officer

2020 - Present

Panama City, Panama

  • Data Management
  • Digitalization of Asylum Systems
  • Project Management
  • System Design and Interoperability Solutions
  • Full Stack Development of Systems
  • Regional Technical Support on Coorporate Systems and Tools
  • Field Support and Deployment Missions

Associate Registration Officer

2016 - 2020

Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Data Management
  • Design and Development of Data Migration Packages
  • Training of Trainers and Data Managers
  • Global Technical Support of Coorporate Systems and Tools
  • Deployment and Rollout Field Missions

Operational Data Management Associate

2015 - 2016

Amman, Jordan

  • Data Management and Information
  • Design and Development of Systems, Tools and Reports
  • Data Transfer
  • Country Data Management
  • Coordination

Senior Operational Data Management Assistant

2013 - 2015

Mafraq, Jordan

  • System and Data Management
  • Design and Development of Reports
  • Field Technical Support
  • Coordination

Freesoft Technologies

Consultant & Part Time Web Developer


Amman, Jordan

  • Full Stack Web Development (PHP, Scala and Akka)
  • Research
  • Workflows

Amman Hackerspace

Co-founder & CEO

2013 - 2015

Amman, Jordan

  • Robotic Projects
  • Workshops and Events
  • Arabic Content
  • Makers Community and Forum


Software Engineer - Web Developer

2012 - 2013

Amman, Jordan

  • Software Engineering
  • Web Development
  • Product Management
  • Database Management
  • Algorithm Design
  • Testing


Google Student Ambassador

2011 - 2012

Zarqa, Jordan

  • Events Planning and Organization
  • Goolge Services
  • Workshops
  • Support Office

Zarqa University


2011 - 2012

Zarqa, Jordan

  • Technical Workshops

Public Media

Live interview on Jordan TV with my partner Belal Affouri, talking about Amman Hackerspace.

Jordan Oct 2013

Live interview on Roya TV, talking about 5orafy Robot.

Jordan Oct 2012

Interview with PIN13 Protospace, talking about 5orafy Robot.

Jordan Apr 2012

Article in Addustour Newspaper: "Anini & Affouri launch Amman Hackerspace as a step to rise the technical future of youth".

Jordan Oct 2013

Article in Addustour Newspaper: "Anini Won the 3rd Place on Agda3 Robot Challenge".

Jordan Apr 2012

Article in Addustour Newspaper: "Simple & Smart 1.0; The First Event Organized by Google Ambassador at Zarqa University".

Jordan Jan 2012

Article in Addustour Newspaper: "Seminar about Google Ambassadors Program at Zarqa University".

Jordan Dec 2011

Article in Alarab Alyawm Newspaper: "Seminar at Zarqa University About Google Apps in Middle East".

Jordan Dec 2011

Article in Addustour Newspaper: "Mohammad Anini; A Student and Google Ambassador at Zarqa University".

Jordan Nov 2011

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